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Juliane Rickenmann

Switzerland Neuchâtel
Main specialization: Saxophone Tenor alto soprano Saxophone, Piano
Native language: French Other languages: English
Juliane Rickenmann
Juliane Rickenmann


Children: Yes


Juliane Rickenmann developed a taste for music at a very young age.

From the early age of 7, she was a self-taught musician who routinely composed on her piano.

At the age of 15 she took formal piano lessons at the EJMA.

When she turned 18, Juliane decided to become more involved by enrolling in a preparatory course at the Conservatoire de jazz in Montreux. She chose the saxophone as her second instrument, after the piano.

She soon decided to devote herself entirely to the saxophone. The sound of Johnny Hodges convinced her to do this. She is forced to postpone her “academic” jazz study for a year . However, the postponement would turn out to be a tremendous positive: it inspired Juliane’s true learning of jazz. Here is what happened:

Juliane decided to put the year she waits at the conservatory to good use by traveling to Australia. She financed this trip by playing in the streets and in the jazz clubs of Melbourne. Following this experience, on the advice of a Japanese jazzman (name?? What did he say to you?), Juliane decided to extend her trip by going to Japan.

At the age of 20, she plays in the clubs of Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima during her 18-month stay.

At 22, Juliane moved to New York City. She quickly managed to get engagements in big-time New York jazz clubs. Her name was featured alongside great artists such as Danton Boller, Michael Zismann, Allison Miller, Eric Reeves, Sherly Bailey, Ohad Talmor, Evelyne Blakey or Denis Charles. With Charles, Rickenmann participates in a documentary dedicated to her life titled, “Interrupted Conversation.”

Also during her two-and-a-half-year stay in NYC, she attends a workshop with THE GREAT (or something else?) Barry Harris.

In 1998 Rickenmann returned to Switzerland to complete her professional studies at the Montreux Conservatory. She earned money by playing with with the Dixies Roses, a New Orleans-inspired orchestra, and across Switzerland, most notably with Nicholas Bouloukos, Alain Petitmermet, Jean-Yves Petiot, Lionel Friedli, Patrice Moret, Francesco Miccolis, and many others.

In 2000, Juliane landed a two-year contract at the Holiday Inn in Cheng-Du, China and at the Taj Mahal in Bombay, India with the New York musicians Nicholas Bouloukos, Steve Doyle, and Ian Macdonald. She then spent 2 years playing in Thai jazz clubs. She played with Terry Verge (*Dexter Gordon’s double bassist), Randy Canon, and many other prestigious musicians.

Eight years after leaving for Australia, Juliane decided to return to her home, in Switzerland. Juliane Rickenmann now plays and composes in several formations, mainly with her quartet (The J. Rickenmann Quartet), Stramonium, Onirical Blend, and The New Sisters.

She plays with Francis Colleta, Nick Perrin, Jorge Antoniou, Peter Horisberger, Béatrice Graf, Ademir Candido, Florence Chitacumbi, Jean Lou Treboux, Olivier Magarotto, and various other musicians.

Juliane toured Japan with Hiroshi Tsunoda and Naoto Hajime in November 2009 where she performed at the Blue Note in Kyoto, Le Club Jazz, Sesamo Club, and the Jazz Rag.

In 2011 Juliane released her first album, Yodo Gimi, under the Altrisuoni Label, and in 2014 her second album, “Emei,” under the Unit Record’s Label, with Ornella Ponnaz on piano, Pierre Kuthan on double bass and Giacomo Reggiani on drums.

After two subsequent tours in China, Juliane decided to continue her musical journey with a new formation Juliane Rickenmann 4tet, composed of Andrea Esperti, Emanuel Schnyder, and Luigi Galati.

In 2018 Juliane Rickenmann 4tet  released their 3rd album, “Le Secret,” under the QFTF label.

In September 2019, a carte blanche was offered to the bands by the music society of Neuchâtel for a show in September at the Temple du bas. She created Récits de Voyage with a Quatuor Strings and two comedian.

Today they play with the Max Jendly Big Band, Onirical Blend and conduct the Yellow Note Big Band and the UIB Jazz orchestra.

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