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Laura Prince

France Paris
Main specialization: Vocal Vocal and Piano
Paris Nanterre 10 - Ethnomusicology
Native language: French Other languages: English

Laura Prince's universe? Authenticity and sincerity.

Author, composer, performer, she wants to stay in harmony with herself and the world around her,

She defends a refined music that speaks of her childhood fears, of the diversity of her roots, of her heartaches.

She has an atypical career, of those who forge and inspire.

A Daughter of Togo and France, she has always been rocked by world music: Cuban salsa by Celia Cruz, Afrobeat by Fela Kuti and Makossa by Manu di Bango, but also by the emotion of Piaf and Barbara, the cry of Brel and the swing of Aznavour ...

Influenced by her father alongside the music of Mozart and Bach, she intuitively listens, singing and playing her first compositions on a small piano offered by her mother.

At around 13, she learned to read music and master harmony to accompany herself on the piano.

She composes and plays piano / voice her first pieces: “A young heart with an old soul”.

She is enthusiastic about the time of civil rights movement, and the birth of blues and jazz, that music sings with “guts” and which saw the birth of her favorite artists (Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Ray Charles, Etta James ...)

She then took dance lessons in, jazz, hip hop/house and salsa, also theater, and became interested in cinema. Which influence and inspire her in the creation of her own music.

After graduating from high school, still curious about her origins, she studied ethnomusicology at the University of Paris X.

At 19, she worked on her voice and took gospel singing lessons at the Bleu studio in Paris. At the same time, she became head of the section (viola), and took piano lessons with Philippe Baden Powell. Despite personal hardships, moves, and odd jobs. Laura continues to live her passion for music. She travels from the Americas to Asia, from Europe to Africa, and to Togo, her native country, from where she comes back grown and inspired. She has chosen music, the one that heals her, comforts her, sets her free and affirms her. She then directed a video by doing the cover of the group "The Korgis", "Everybody's got to learn sometime". James Warren and Al Steele validate his project by broadcasting the clip on their own networks. In 2021, she produced her album “Peace of Mine” with Grégory Privat on piano, Tilo Bertholo on drums, Zacharie Abraham on double bass and Inor Sotolongo on percussion. Through this album, she comes to share with us her inner peace that has come with time, that of little Laura who was hiding to escape from the storms and who was already listening to the sounds of the winds from Africa and Navarre.

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