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Sonia Loenne

Switzerland Bern
Main specialization: Vocals/Composition Drums
Hochschule der Künste, Bern Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt, Weimar
Native language: german Other languages: english, french

Sonia Loenne (me) sings, composes, recently also has been playing the drums and now lives in Bern, Switzerland, where she (I) studied voice and contemporary composition at the Jazz faculty of the Bern University of the Arts with Andreas Schaerer, Stefan Schultze and Django Bates, among others.

I was born in Nice, France in 1996 and then moved to Leipzig, Germany in 1997. This has left me with a lasting linguistic confusion. Therefore, for several years, I have been involved in poetry, improvisation and theater in addition to music.

I improvise and compose in various formations, such as in duo with Bernese drummer Michael Cina: BUREAU BUREAU, as drummer of the band EDNA, with the Creative Jazz project Rainald Brederling Quintett, or solo throughout Germany and Switzerland and I can be found more and more on so-called "established" stages. In 2022 I have released two first albums.

In addition, I'm active as a composer in contemporary classical and experimental music and have written music for the Ensemble Proton (CH) and Ensemble Adapter (GER) and the convoi exceptionnel, among other projects. I'm interested in music as a social practice - how are we playing together? How are we influenced by each other? Can social structures be shaped by the music we play?

In the past I've been working a lot in theater – this increasingly influences my artistic work. Interdisciplinarity is not a conscious decision, it just happens.

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