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Johanna Linnea Jakobsson

Sweden Malmö
Main specialization: Saxophone Vocals
Malmö Academy of Music
Native language: Danish Other languages: Swedish
Johanna Linnea Jakobsson
Johanna Linnea Jakobsson


Children: No

Danish-Swedish saxophonist, vocalist and songwriter, born and raised in Copenhagen and currently residing in Sweden.

Debut album "Alone Together" was released on Norwegian label AMP Music & Records on June 3rd

"Pure and original music, without compromises, but also without any craziness. A beautifully composed and arranged album full of warm and very beautiful music."

- Jacek Brun, Jazzfun.de (DE)

“Scandinavian jazz star and charming saxophonist Johanna Linnea Jakobsson explores her jazz minimalism by creating ampoules filled with mystical and intimate music (…) Conceptual and very pleasant, her music is sprinkled with blues and a sense of rhythm that through drummer and bassist stands as the true heart of a very fresh sound suitable for any type of song."

- Giuseppe Magiolli, WIndout (IT)

The musicianship is impeccable, but mostly I am impressed by the consistency in the delicately laid-back sound, and the ability to make music that sounds both current and like it’s looking back on jazz tradition.

- Dan Backman, Orkesterjournalen (SE)

“Jakobsson and her band has created a delicate and low-key album, perfectly suited for the Nordic summer and the days where the sun never seems to set”

- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts (NO)



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