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Lalou Steffie Kristensen

Denmark Odense SV
Main specialization: Vocal piano, guitar, songwriting, vocal coach, songwriter coach
Europa Universität University College Lillebælt Via University College
Native language: German; Danish Other languages: English, French, Spanish
Lalou Steffie Kristensen
Lalou Steffie Kristensen


Danish/German Lalou (alias Steffie Kristensen) is a composer, artist, singer and pianist

Lalou writes songs of hope and resilience that aim to encourage you to stand up for your dreams and dare to be, who you are!

Lalou´s musical universe consists of elements of pop, jazz, folk and a gentle touch of world music. The melodies are catchy and easy to sing along with in her live performance.

Lalou´s musical career started in her early 20´s, as a cover jazz/pop singer,  performing in small venues in the north of Germany. Lalou received piano lessons and acting lessons already as a child and this became the source og her future career.  Lalou studied music at the university and logopedics (speeach and language therapy) at  the Via University College with the main subjekt as a vocalist and vocal coach.

Besides being an artist, performing her own music and leading her quartet, she combines her professional life with coaching singers and songwriters.

In 2019/2020 Lalou has released a couple of singles, followed by her first solo album in 2021 and an EP on its way in 2023. Concerts and touring mainly in Denmark Sweden, Germany and Spain.

Lalou has collaborated with a couple of artists and actors, as singer/songwriter Mathilde Falch (DK), actor Lotte Arnsbjerg (DK), pianist and composter Carman Moore (US) and Ayi Solomon (Ghana), Mikkel Schnettler (DK), Hanne Rømer (DK) and many more.

Concert Reviews

With honesty, her powerful voice and her varm personality, that shines through in Lalous performance, you get in a damn godt mood as an audience!
(Pia Blohm, ”Giant Steps”- Jazzvenue)

Lalou’s personality and presence shine through in every note of her music and she manages to spellbind her audience
(Hans Henrik Pedersen, MusikStationen venue)

Lalou is able to "smile with her voice"
(Søren Plambeck, radio host at P4)

Live concerts with feel-good-factor, Lalou involves and engages her audience
(Martin Loft, music-blogger)

I love the dreamy and positive mood - the joy of life, Lalou conveys(
(Vancairo, chartbase.dk)

Incredible voice, stunning performance
Daniel Rasmussen - Kulturcenter Gislev

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