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Maiko Andreo

Germany Berlin
Main specialization: Vocals
Jazzschule Berlin
Native language: Georgian Other languages: German, English, French, Russian

I was born in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. 1995 I moved to Cologne / Germany for my Business Administration studies. Since 2005 I found my home in Berlin.

I sing, as long as I can think. I admire and worship sounds and harmonies of Georgian Music. I took classical piano lessons for 7 years.

But Jazz always had a special place in my heart.

The old record player was standing in my room, since I was a toddler. My parents Jazz vinyls played in my nursery. As a little girl I pretended, I could sing in english, what I did, was improvising and scatting at age of 4. My dream was to be a Jazz Singer.

In Berlin I found a private Jazz School "Jazzschule Berlin" led by the guitarist Claus Rückbeil. "Jazzschule Berlin" and its wonderful teachers: Claus Rückbeil, Anders Grop, Tanja Siebert helped me to realize my dream. During numerous performances I learned how to work with a band. I am meeting inspiring personalities again and again on my musical way. I would like to thank my guides, mentors and wonderful human beings, who believe in me: Claus Rückbeil, Joel Holmes, Cornelia Moore!

Since 2014 I am performing regularly in Berlin and outside accompanied by: Claus Rückbeil (g), Giorgio Crobu (g), Joel Holmes (p), Giuseppe Bottiglieri (db), Anders Grop (db), Thibault Falk (p) and many others.

Since 2020 I'm part of the teaching team of the Jazzschule Berlin, we developed and launched an online course "Vocal Jam" together. I organize workshops for singers and I give private lessons.

Thank you so much for your interest and for dropping in on my site!

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