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Sanne Rambags

Netherlands Rotterdam
Main specialization: Voice Waterphone and Guitar
AMPA Tilburg HSLU Lucerne
Native language: Dutch Other languages: English and Norwegian
Children: No

The voice is closest to the heart. Through warm sounds, interpreted with deep intention, singer and composer Sanne Rambags knows how to create a moment of magic. She has developed herself as a musician with a distinct sound. As one of the few singers of her generation, she is able to improvise in an open way, sometimes with lyrics and poems written by herself, sometimes by positioning herself completely among the musicians. As a result, her voice has an instrumental function with which she searches for the extremes of the voice, new sounds, and her own sound.

She forms the successful trio Under the Surface, in collaboration with Joost Lijbaart and Bram Stadhouders, with whom she has toured over the past 5 years in more than 25 different countries on 5 different continents. She is a vocalist and composer with the trio Mudita, in July 2019 the trio received an Edison in the Jazz Vocal/National category for their album Listen To The Sound Of The Forest. In 2019 she was Young VIP and she toured the Netherlands with her pool of European young and talented musicians 'European Colors Group'. In 2020 she founded her own label SONNA Records. An adventurous music label with the vision to unite with like-minded musicians to nurture strength and share inspiration to always choose your own path. Her solo improvised voice album SONNA was the first release and was awarded an Edison in the Jazz Vocal National category in 2021. In October 2022 she will release her new album Sister, an ode to sisterhood.

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