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Theresia Philipp

Germany Cologne
Main specialization: Saxophone Clarinet, Composition
Cologne Mannheim
Native language: German Other languages: English
Theresia Philipp
Theresia Philipp


Theresia Philipp is a Cologne based (*1991) saxophonist, clarinetist and composer.
After attending the renowned Landesgymnasium für Musik Dresden at a young age, she graduated with distinction from the
Hochschule für Musik Köln (saxophone) and the Hochschule für Musik Mannheim (composition).
She was a member of the Jugenjazzorchester Sachsen and BundesJazzOrchester.
In her work as a bandleader, it is especially important to her to blur and hopefully eliminate musical boundaries. One way she
tries to achieve this is to explore and combine many genres and to encourage exchange with musicians from other cultures
and backgrounds.
One focus of her work is the band Pollon with David Helm and Thomas Sauerborn, which released its first album on
klaengrecords in 2016 and performed at many festivals in Germany, including the WDR Jazzfest in 2019. In 2021 she expanded
the band with the addition of a string trio of Radek Stawartz, Axel Lindner and Elisabeth Coudoux to form Pollon with Strings
and combined in her compositions elements of new music, eastern church liturgical chants with avantgarde jazz. The first album of this ensemble was released in 2021 on floatmusic.
With her latest project Philipp musically reshapes historical and contemporary speeches by inspiring personalities from a wide variety
of cultural backgrounds, such as Trinh Thi Minh Ha, Sojouner Truth and Malala Yousafzai and reinterprets the existing words with her compositions.

She was the artist in Residence at the Klaengfestival 2021 in Cologne where the premier of this project was performed.
In 2020 Theresia Philipp was awarded the Cologne Jazz Prize; the Horst and Gretl Will Scholarship for Jazz and Improvised
In 2021 she was invited by the HR Big Band as guest composer and conductor.

In 2022 she will receive the WDR Jazz Prize in the composition category.
Currently she is composing for the New Music Ensemble Consord and for the Youth Jazz Orchestra of Saxony.
Until 2021, she curated concerts at the Cologne Loft with the collective JungesLoft and was also active in cultural politics as a
board member for the Cologne Jazz Conference.
In addition to her own projects, she is also a sidewoman in many bands and collectives like Morpheus, Hard Boiled
Wonderland, Hendrika Entzian+ and bört.
She has performed at many international Festivals including Moers, Belgrade, Venice, SeaNaps Leipzig and Berliner Jazzfest.
Theresia Philipp is also a passionate teacher. Since 2020 she has been a teacher at the Hochschule für Musik Köln, where she
leads two ensembles and since 2021 she teaches ensemble and saxophone lessons at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz.

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